MVCS's kindergarten program is special! The program was recently featured in Mission Viejo News with parents providing their input about the school and the impact it had on their kindergarten child. Here is what two parents had to say:


“Mission Viejo Christian School has far exceeded our expectations during our first year here. The sense of community and family is present in everything they do. Ms. Flores is nurturing, caring, loving, and is always thinking about what’s best for the children.
It’s incredible how much our son has grown and progressed in just one year.”

Amy Chaffin, MVCS kindergarten parent, May 2018


“Our daughter began the year unsure and a bit behind academically having only attended a two day per week pre-k for one year prior to coming to MVCS. The growth in her as a scholar and a believer has been leaps and bounds. She is leaving kindergarten a confident, curious, literate child with valuable biblical exposure, for this,
we are SO grateful.”

- Hailey Zeilfelder, MVCS kindergarten parent, May 2018


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