Annual MVCS Events

MVCS organizes events throughout the year for families to connect and grow as a community outside of the classroom. These events begin before the school year even starts with summer socials for each grade level and the annual All School Meet the Teacher Day, where students and families have the opportunity to meet their teachers, visit their classrooms, reconnect with friends on our playground filled with inflatables; and the fun continues from there. 

The following is a list of just a few of our schoolwide events: 

  • Fall Helicopter Golf Ball Drop
  • Spring Annual Auction Gala
  • Talent Shows & Musicals
  • Father & Son Event
  • Mother & Son Event
  • Father & Daughter Dance 
  • Mother & Daughter Event
  • Grandparents Day 
  • Local Missions and serving opportunities
  • Cancer or Diabetes Awareness Day
  • Women's and Men's Bible Studies
  • Coffee with the Principal by grade
  • Parent Forums
  • Spirit Lunches 
  • Family Worship Night 
  • CHRISTmas at MVCS 
  • Donuts with Dad 
  • Muffins with Mom 
  • Parent Enrichment Seminars