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Arts Department

The Arts Department at MVCS is committed to helping all students develop their God-given artistic talents and use them to glorify Him.

  • MVCS believes that helping students hone their creative abilities will lead to greater success in high school, college, and the 21st century job market. Their artistic background will allow them to stand out as they use their creative abilities to think outside the box. 
  • MVCS's Art Program teaches students how to dance, draw, work with clay, act, sing, read music, and play musical instruments.  
Art Class: 
  • Each MVCS elementary class visits the Art Studio for 75 minutes every other week where they are instructed by our dedicated art teacher.
  • During scheduled art classes, MVCS's dedicated art teacher exposes students to the masters (art appreciation) through videos, lectures, and art projects where they learn to draw, paint, and work with clay.
  • Junior high (grades 7-8) students have the opportunity to select Photography or Mixed Media Art as electives. Elective classes meet twice weekly for approximately 1 hour each session.  
Music/Band Class:
  • Students in kindergarten through grade 4 participate in weekly music class with a dedicated music teacher. They learn about composers, instruments that make up the orchestra, songwriting and movement as it relates to rhythm. The emphasis is on music (instrumentation, appreciation and theory), singing, movement and performance. 
  • Students in grades 5-6 have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument as part of Band Class or be part of Chorus. 
  • Junior high (grades 7-8) students have the opportunity to select Ensemble Band or Worship Band as electives. Elective classes meet twice weekly for approximately 1 hour each session. 
  • MVCS students have the opportunity to perform in MVCS Talent Shows and Musical Showcases.
Performing Arts:
  • Each year MVCS Arts Department offers after-school/extra-curricular activities for students interested in developing skills in theater. These include Christmas productions and the Spring Musical.
Additional After-School Arts Programs:
  • Students may choose to further their artistic developments through dance classes, art classes, ceramic classes, music competitions, and music lessons. Throughout the school year multiple sessions of the following classes are offered:
    • Dance (Grades K-3 girls)
    • ARTime (Grades 1-4)
    • Ceramics Club (Grades 5-8)
Registration for upcoming classes is available on a first-come/first-serve basis and will be posted below when available and also published in MVCS eNews. For more information on classes, future session dates, and the potential for openings mid-session, contact the school office at (949) 465-1950.