Mission Viejo Christian School

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MVCS's enrichment classes are the heart of the "plus" in MVCS's STEM+ learning approach. These classes provide students opportunities for learning and development in art, music, performing arts and foreign language. These classes expand and empower our students creativity and ability to communicate and are purposely integrated into scheduled classroom time.

  • MVCS embraces the importance of hands-on artistic expression through regular art instruction in kindergarten through grade 6. Junior high students have options for advanced art training in their elective choices. Additional after-school art classes are also available.
  • CLICK HERE for more detailed information on MVCS's Arts Program. 
 Performing Arts, Music and Band:
  • MVCS performing arts emphasis is on music (instrumentation, appreciation and theory), singing, movement and performance.
  • Students in grades 5-6 have the option of learning to play an instrument or participating in chorus. 
  • Students in junior high (grades 7-8) have options for electives in Stagecraft or Ensemble Band/Worship Band. 
  • CLICK HERE for more detailed information on MVCS's Performing Arts, Music and Band Program.
  • MVCS believes in the value of teaching foreign languages to students while their brains are most uniquely suited by God to learn a second language.
  • MVCS incorporate an all-school mission project into their Spanish Program supporting Casa Hogar orphanage and Mercy Home foster home. 
  • CLICK HERE for more detailed information on MVCS's Spanish Program.