Tuition & Fees

A non-refundable testing and application fee of $100 is paid online for each new applicant when the application is submitted.
An applicant should be prepared to pay $400 for enrollment at the time the student is accepted. The spot is reserved for your child once the enrollment fee is paid. Payment of the fee implies intent to attend and is non-refunable. The administration makes staffing decisions and purchases based on this fee.
FACTS Tuition Management
MVCS partners with FACTS Tuition Management Company to help manage our tuition payments. Payment through FACTS is convenient, flexible, and secure.
Tuition Breakdown for 2020-2021       

Grade Level Tuition 11 Monthly Payments 
K - 6 $8,965* $815
7 - 8 $9,075* $825
*Due to COVID-19, 2020-21 tuition rates and fees will remain the same as 2019-20.

Annual Materials Fee:
A non-refundable materials fee is due June 5 or upon enrollment, if after June 5, as follows:

K-5th Grades: $430 materials fee per student 
6th-8th Grades: $445 materials fee per student

The materials fee includes the cost for books, workbooks, use, upkeep, and replenishment in labs and library areas, along with grade-level field trips (excludes extended overnight field trips), most classroom desk supplies, and class parties (if applicable).

Technology Fee Options:
New this year, technology fee options are available as follows:

5th & 6th Grade Students

Option 1     $300 one-time technology fee per student - Student receives new Chromebook (good to use through 8th grade)

Option 2     $100 one-time technology fee per student - Student supplies own Chromebook

Option 3     No fee - Student uses MVCS classroom Chromebook (option only available through 6th grade)

7th & 8th Grade Students

Option 1     $300 one-time technology fee per student - Student receives new Chromebook

Option 2     $100 one-time technology fee - Student supplies own Chromebook

The Chromebook fee covers our licensing, IT support, and safety protocols installed on each computer (including Chromebooks brought from home) while using at MVCS.

Discounted Tuition
The eldest child of each family is considered the first child in the family. Each additional child following the birth order will receive a discount of 10% (see tuition schedule above).

An additional 10% discount will be given to members of Mission Viejo Christian Church. (Our school office will verify your church membership with the church administration.)

A 10% discount on tuition from Mission Viejo Christian Preschool will be offered to preschool families with students enrolled at the elementary or junior high school. All Mission Viejo Christian Preschool families may submit the online priority application when it opens in December.

Tuition discounts are also offered for full-time senior pastors who are the primary income provider in their household, for active full-time military personnel and MVCS staff and faculty.
We are not able to offer discounts for prepaid tuition.