MVCS TerraNova Scores Exceed Blue Ribbon Status

Standardized tests scores represent just ONE measure of the quality of education MVCS provides. The data gathered helps identify strengths, weaknesses, and trends for individual students, grade levels, and the school overall -- but they do not tell the whole story.

Principal Bob Sladek explained, “We are extremely pleased with the results from our Spring TerraNova Standardized Testing, which continue to affirm MVCS’s commitment to Academic Excellence equally with our commitment to Spiritual Development. We are proud of our teachers and our students! When we combine the testing results with our alumni achievement data, academic competitions, End-of-Year-Surveys, and enrollment numbers – the 2017-18 year was a record year by all accounts! We remain committed to building on past successes in the 2018-19 school year and beyond, always focused on preparing students for the bright future God has in store for them!”

CLICK HERE to view MVCS's 2018 TerraNova Test Score Executive Summary.