MVCS Re-Opening School Guidelines

School Reopening Guidelines

Please review our updated School Reopening Guidelines in preparation for the start of school on Tuesday, September 8. In viewing the plan it is important to understand the following three considerations:

  1. The plan is designed to ensure that we are able to have students return to on-campus learning in an uninterrupted manner by adhering to CDPH guidelines as the standard for all schools.

  2. All of the elements of the plan are considered temporary in nature, meaning that as soon as it is possible to return to school as normal, we will do so.

  3. By minimizing the spread of the virus, on-campus learning is not jeopardized. Parent support is vital in this effort.


Dear MVCS Families, (Posted July, 30th)

Summer greetings!  We are excited and planning for the re-opening of an in person on-campus school year. I would like to provide you with important updated information as we prepare to launch. Although the times we live in are uncertain, our God is not and He has good things in store for our children!

Start Date:

Taking into consideration the recommendations put forth by the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, and state and local public health officials, we have been busy preparing our school to safely re-open for in person on-campus learning. To effectively accomplish these goals, we have decided to delay the start of school until after Labor Day. Please note the following changes:

  • New school start date: September 8
  • New school end date: June 11
  • Class lists will be available on Friday, August 28

Remote Learning Option for At-Risk Students/Families:

We understand that some students may not begin the school year with on-campus learning due to health concerns. Therefore, we are providing a remote learning option so that those students at home can keep pace with their peers in class.  This option will require administrative approval and details will be forthcoming.

Updated Re-Opening Plan:

We are updating our Re-Opening Plan to align with the California Department of Public Health guidelines released on July 17. Please look at your email next week with this updated plan.  

We are here to serve your family and to provide the highest quality Christian education possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything!

Sincerely in Christ,

Bob Sladek


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As of July 22nd
In light of Governor Newsom’s latest announcement on Friday, July 17 regarding the re-opening of schools in California, MVCS is issuing the following statement:


MVCS is committed to the well-being of students and believes that students are best served by being on-campus for their learning, which is supported by leading experts around the country. In keeping with our School Re-Opening Plan, we believe we can do that safely by implementing many of the state mandated protocols for schools. We are currently seeking a waiver and/or approval of our plans from the California Department of Public Health through the OC Health Care Agency and City of Mission Viejo. We have made numerous improvements to our school facility (i.e. hand washing stations, air filtration units, expanded lunch area) and to our overall program (i.e. staggered start/end times, outdoor classroom spaces, limiting on campus volunteers, small group cohorts) that will enable us to keep staff and students safe, while also providing students with the Christ-centered education they need. We have also developed a supplemental plan to meet the needs of those students who will not be able to return to campus immediately. We are confident that our plans strike the appropriate balance between safety and students’ best educational interests. Our plans have been developed with enough flexibility such that we can pivot to any number of contingencies in an ever-changing environment where COVID-19 is concerned. 

We understand your concerns and greatly appreciate your support and patience as we work hard to prepare for the return of our students. Until the start of our school year, I will email our families by the end of each week a school re-opening update which will also be posted on the MVCS website.

May God watch over and protect our families, students, and nation!

Bob Sladek

Coronavirus Update #12

Posted 5/19

Dear MVCS Families,

As we honor our MVCS teachers this week for our annual Teacher Appreciation Week, I hope you feel like I do – our teachers are heroes too! Difficult times reveal character and commitment – I have watched our teachers pour themselves out tirelessly because of their genuine love for your children and their passion to lift the spirits of each and every one of their beloved students. They “are like candles that consume themselves to light the way” for their students!  Today, I am so grateful for each one of them – they are the heart of our school community!

City of Mission Viejo

I have submitted a new plan to the city that would allow our students back on campus for the week of June 1 for a one-hour “wrap up” per class. This would allow us to meet social distancing protocols, while also enabling students and teachers to close the year in person. With that plan, I have also submitted graduation plans for our Kindergarteners (4PM), 6th graders (10AM), and 8th graders (6PM) on our field on Friday, June 5. We believe our students deserve to celebrate these significant milestone events and we believe we can do this safely.  The moment I have word from the city, I will share that information with you!

Summer Academics

We will be providing a number of small group instructional classes in Math and Language Arts this summer, taught by our teachers at a small fee for those who are interested.  There will also be a list of extra-curricular camps as well.  Specific detailed information will be provided next Monday, May 25 along with the ability to sign up on our Mobile App.

Attached is the link to this summer’s Crusader Camp information – CLICK HERE. Registration is now open through the MVCS app or MVCS website. 

The Blessing

I have included a link to a song that has become my prayer for your family daily. It is a biblical anthem and my sincerest desire that God’s favor be upon you during this season. CLICK HERE

Grace and peace to your family!

Bob Sladek


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Coronavirus Update #11 

Posted 5/5 at 2:45 pm

Dear MVCS Families,

As we start this new week, the first signs of light at the end of the tunnel have begun to emerge with some small businesses being set to re-open, beginning this Friday. As authority shifts to counties and cities to provide for some acceleration of this process, we look forward to the possibility of opening the school before summer. In the meantime, our commitment is to care for and support your family/student. We definitely walk by faith and not by sight as it relates to the plans God has for us to provide closure to this year in a way that benefits our students!

National Day of Prayer
This Thursday, May 7 is the National Day of Prayer – a vitally important day for believers to engage in prayer on behalf of our community, nation, and leaders. We will be hosting a ZOOM call at 9:00 AM for all who would like to unite with us in prayer. Students are welcome also. Teachers will be providing specific points of focus for each of their own classrooms that day. CLICK HERE for the link to the ZOOM prayer call. 

Materials Fee
You received a letter from us inadvertently yesterday regarding next year’s Materials Fee. Please accept my apology. This fee is collected in June because it is a month that is generally tuition-free. We have looked carefully at the costs of this year’s Materials Fee and recognize the need to provide a discount on next year’s fee for some items that did not materialize. Next year’s discounted fee will be $375 for all grades. It will be billed through FACTS in your June billing. If for any reason you need to have that split over June and July, please email Chris Elston at and she will make that adjustment for you.

Teacher Appreciation Week
Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 18 -22. Be on the lookout for details to be sent out from your room parents. This will be a great opportunity to thank our teachers for all of their hard work. When they say “not all heroes wear capes”, I am certain they were thinking of the MVCS teachers!!

Summer Crusader Camp
Attached is the link to this summer’s Crusader Camp information – CLICK HERE. Registration is now open through the MVCS app or MVCS website. 

Grace and peace to your family!

Bob Sladek
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Coronavirus update #10

Posted 4/27 at 2:30pm

Dear MVCS Families,

Happy, hope-filled Monday to you all. I am so grateful to be a part of a Christ-centered community at a time like this! God commands a blessing where His people dwell together in unity (Psalm 133). We know there is comfort and strength in the realization that we are not alone, that we can cast our very real cares to God, and we can be a blessing to one another! Your family is a blessing to our school - to our school community!


ZOOM Meeting Parent Forums

In an effort to support you, share what is happening at the school, and connect on any of your specific questions/concerns, the Administration will be hosting two ZOOM meetings this week for both at home and working parents.  Our first meeting will take place Thursday, April 30 @ 9:00 AM - CLICK HERE to join. Our second meeting will be Thursday, April 30 @ 6:00 PM - CLICK HERE to join. There will be an opening word of encouragement, highlights of school-related information, and a Q&A through the chat portal. If possible, please send your questions ahead of time to Kari Hollerbach at so that we can be as efficient as possible with our time together. This will be an important time to stay connected and to encourage one another! 


Tuition Assistance

We have worked hard to cut our expenses, as well as apply for Payment Protection dollars (no response yet) in order to continue to pay our core staff for the purpose of Distance Learning. We recognize families have also been hit hard by this economic downturn and we want to help. If you have been blessed to maintain your job and/or level of income, we hope you will agree that this is the time to help those in our community who have been hurt the most, whether through the loss of jobs or income, or both. We do not have unlimited resources if we are to remain sustainable; however, if you are in need, the school is prepared to provide some amount of tuition relief or defer payments in the next couple of months. Please contact Christy Conerty at in order to access these assistance funds. All that is necessary for now is to put your family name in the subject line and click send. You will be contacted shortly thereafter with more information.


School Resumes

It has become very difficult to put any kind of certain date on school resuming, so rather than provide a new start date, we want you to be aware of our continued intention to return students to school safely, in whatever form may be required, in order to provide for meaningful year-end school activities, including graduations, promotion, awards, yearbooks, etc. We are working on what that might look like with appropriate social distancing in mind. We will keep you up-to-date on this every week. We would not expect this to happen before Monday, May 18.


Academic Philosophy

Our philosophy is academic progress without academic pressure. What this means practically is a couple of important things:
  • We will do no harm where academic grades are concerned. Students are able to raise their grades from where they were in mid-March, but they will not be lowered unless they are simply not checking in or providing any effort at all. These learning circumstances are so unique, as is each home situation, so we do expect that all students will be able to maintain the exact same level of output as when we were together. We want students to do their best given the circumstances, but we understand that there will be a need for greater review in the fall than generally required to ensure that students move forward successfully.

  • You do not need to have any concern about your student being retained at the current grade level. We also want you to have the freedom as parents, to choose when a particular assignment or supplemental work may need to be put aside. Simply email the teacher to let him/her know that your child was not able to complete that assignment due to whatever may be taking place.  This is what it means to be in partnership together!

Last Week’s Parent Enrichment

Dr. Michele Robison met with parents by ZOOM last week and shared some practical information for helping our students through this time. We hope it was useful for many of you. For those who were unable to attend, CLICK HERE for a link to that discussion (Access Password: MVCS2020!), so that you can still benefit from her advice.


Summer Crusader Camp

Attached is the link to this summer’s Crusader Camp information – CLICK HERE. Registration opens today through the MVCS app or MVCS website. 


Grace and peace to your family!

Bob Sladek


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Coronavirus Update #9

Posted 4/21 at 5:30pm


Dear MVCS Families,

We march on in the fight against COVID-19 and in the delivery of MVCS Distance Learning! We are grateful for the tremendous show of support on Friday night when we hosted a prayer, worship, and drop-off supplies event for first responders. We raised over $2000 in gift cards and donations, while also collecting an enormous amount of specialty items to provides gifts baskets to these heroes on the front line. Thank you – CLICK HERE to view a video capturing images from the special night/event.

2020/21 Tuition Rates

MVCS will be freezing next year’s tuition at the 2019-2020 rate. We recognize the need to proactively address the difficult economic conditions we are all facing together and hope this provides some assurance and relief now as we look to the coming school year. As a school seeking to do God's will and what is best for our families, we want to honor and care for each of you spiritually, emotionally, and physically during this season. Hopefully, this bit of financial relief will be a blessing! 

Family Support

This Wednesday, April 22 at 9:00 AM Dr. Michele Robison will host a live ZOOM call for parents to provide practical tips on dealing with the stresses of the current environment, as well as answering questions you may have. She will also host a call for middle school students (grades 6-8) on Thursday, April 23 at 3:00 PM.  We encourage you to take advantage of this support! She has also provided her website as a place for practical advice –

CLICK HERE for the Parent Zoom Meeting tomorrow at 9:00. 

CLICK HERE for the Student Zoom Meeting on Thursday at 3:00.

Teacher Professional Development

This Friday, April 24 we are continuing to grow our teachers, and they will be in professional development between 10-11 am. They will not be available during this time.

Summer Programs

Please continue to monitor our weekly E-news for registration information related to Summer Camp, as well as Music & Sports Camps. As of now, all summer programs will be open unless it becomes clear that we are unable to do so.

Bob Sladek


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Coronavirus Update #8

Posted 4/15 at 5:00pm

Dear MVCS Families,

We miss you and we continue to pray for you, knowing that each family is experiencing such unique circumstances and concerns during this time. I hope that EASTER brought fresh perspective and renewed hope as we continue to make our way forward one day at a time. Distance Learning picked back up again this week and will continue until we are cleared to go back to school – what a great day that will be!! We will continue to support your child’s progress, spiritually, academically, and emotionally in every way that we can!

Family Support

Dr. Michele Robison, who spoke recently at our school about Raising Resilient Kids, has made herself available for a couple of ZOOM meetings (one for parents and one for 6th – 8th  graders) to provide practical tips on dealing with the stresses of the current environment, as well as answering questions you may have. The calls will take place via ZOOM on Wednesday, April 22 @ 9:00 AM for parents and Thursday, April 23 @ 3:00 PM for students. Dr. Robison will begin with some practical advice and then take questions through the chat portal. She has also provided her website as a place for practical advice –

Community Outreach Event

With the approval and blessing from the City of Mission Viejo and local law enforcement, this Friday evening, April 17 between 6:00PM - 7:00PM at MVCS, we will provide a special opportunity for our school families to bless the first responders (nurses, doctors, police, firefighters, and other essential workers) by providing a drive thru drop-off, pray and worship event at MVCS. It is important that you know that we are working closely with the City of Mission Viejo and local law enforcement to handle this event appropriately in keeping with all social distancing and donation requirements.

We are asking each family to bring one item - such as non-perishable snacks, drinks, chalk, bubbles (for the first responders’ kids) and/or gift card and notes of encouragement to help us fill CARE BASKETS which we will provide to these local heroes. We will not only put together baskets for the first responders in Mission Viejo, but we will also be putting together baskets for our very own MVCS families who are front-line first responders. This event requires an RSVP in order for us to space cars and provide information to the police regarding expected traffic at the school. Please RSVP to Ester Tucker:

The event will look like this: Cars will drive into our lot anytime between 6:00 - 7:00, drop any donation in the boxes in front of the chapel, drive through to the back parking lot, pray with us over the first responders, sing a couple worship songs and continue back out of the parking lot. We will continually repeat this drop-off, prayer, sing process throughout the entire hour. People will not be allowed to exit their vehicles, but I promise this will be a blessing for everyone involved!

Fun Video

In case you haven’t already had a chance to view, please CLICK HERE to enjoy the MVCS staff video – from our family to yours - as a source of encouragement and a reminder of how much we are thinking about you. 

God is GOOD in every season of our lives!

Bob Sladek


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Coronavirus Update #7

Posted 4/7 at 8:00am

Dear MVCS Families,

This week, we take a break from school, slow down, and focus on EASTER! I can’t imagine a more hopeful message during this pandemic season then Jesus overcoming the grave and death on our behalf! We know that, in HIM, we too shall overcome all that we face currently! “I am the resurrection and the life! He who believes in Me, even though he should die, yet will he live!” (John 11:25)

As your school family, please know that we will continue to link arms with you in prayer, and we will continue to prepare your children spiritually and academically. Distance Learning will resume on Monday, April 13. 


Family Survey Feedback

Thank you to all who filled out the survey. We had 288 survey responses that have helped us to understand how Distance Learning is working from your perspective. While the results are predominantly positive, we recognize that there is still room for improvement. Teachers will use this week to take a breath and focus on ways to improve the overall learning process, including more live video lessons, purposeful student interaction / feedback, and effective use of technology in small group settings. Please remember that our goal is academic progress w/o academic pressure. Our focus is not on grades, but on meaningful growth through high quality work and interaction. We also want to be a point of connection to help promote the spiritual and social development of our students, as well as a be a source of a positive outlook daily.

Community Support
Beginning next Monday, we will be reaching out to every family personally by phone. Our goal is to check-in to make sure you are doing okay, and offer support wherever needed. That said, if you need anything now, whether practically or in prayer, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the administrators immediately. You are in our prayers daily and we are here to help in every way possible.  Kari Amee Bob Because we all need encouragement / hope, and because we are all in this together, I also encourage you to use the MVCS Community page on Facebook to share your “God moments” with each other!

School Resumes

Our scheduled return date is Monday, May 4. We will continue to monitor all pertinent information on a day by day basis, but believe it is very important to bring closure to this school by joining together again as soon it is reasonably safe to do so.

Stay strong in the Lord & stay healthy MVCS!

EASTER blessings to your family,

Bob Sladek


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Important School Update #6

Posted 3/27 at 3:30pm

Dear MVCS Families,

As the Principal of our very special Christ-centered community, I want you all to know how proud I am of you for tackling this pandemic and the resulting Distance Learning program with courage and optimism. I am proud of our teachers for jumping with both feet into this dramatic change on very short notice so that our students could maintain a sense of normalcy and stay on track academically. I am proud of our parents for taking on the role of “homeschool teachers” and doing your best to navigate the challenges with us. For those who are still working two jobs outside the home as part of the essential workforce, please know that you are in our prayers as you hold it together on the home-front. I do not know the future, but I know the ONE who holds it and I know that He will never leave us nor forsake us…and that we will get through this!

Here are several important areas to be aware of as we continue to move forward:

Academic Progress w/o Academic Pressure

Our goal is to maintain a continuity of learning that keeps your students on track academically for whenever school resumes, but we do so without any undue academic pressure. We are here to help support you at home, knowing that every family situation has its own unique challenges, so please know that there is plenty of flexibility from a due date/grading perspective. Teachers are available, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you are struggling. Their goal, like mine, is to provide meaningful and engaging work, not busywork. They are also seeking to help provide some social opportunities for students to connect, pray, and diffuse stress. Yes, we want you to check-in, so that we know you are staying connected academically, but we do not want you to feel overwhelmed. 

Specialists Classes

As we begin to slowly roll-out our specialist classes – Art, Music, PE, STEM, Library – this will provide your child enrichment activities and learning in these co-curricular subjects, however, we want to assure you that these are extras rather than essentials. To the degree that these add a bonus to your child’s learning, great! If they become a burden as you are trying to manage your child’s primary learning, please know that you are free to skip these for now.

Family Survey

Thank you to those who have completed our Distance Learning Family Survey (209 responses so far), so we can assess how we are doing in serving your family. If you have not completed this survey, please click on the attached link below to do so, as your input is very valuable to us. I have also attached a link, in which you can see the results thus far, and know that we are listening very carefully to your feedback. For the most part, the program seems to be working and you are appreciating our approach. We recognize that there are still some bugs to work out and we are working on those daily. 

CLICK HERE - to participate in the Distance Learning Family Survey

CLICK HERE - to view a portion of the results 

Easter Break

For next week, we will continue our Distance Learning program as normal. The following week (April 6-10) will be our regularly scheduled Easter Break, so there will be no Distance Learning taking place that week. We hope this provides you some time to enjoy time together as a family without the addition of school work. It is still our intention to return to school on Monday, April 13Of course, we will only do so with the appropriate direction of governmental officials and the confidence that it is safe for our students to return.

Annual Standardized Tests 

Along with most schools, we have canceled our Annual Standardized Tests for this academic school year, so that when we return to school we can focus on mastery of imperative learning objectives that serve as prerequisites for success at the next grade level.

Community Support

We encourage you to use the MVCS Community Page on Facebook to follow along with encouraging information and happenings, as well as to make potential needs such as childcare known. You may also contact Ester Tucker at Our desire is to serve your family and provide connection and support as needed!

Right Now Media Resource

Right Now Media is a resource that MVCS has offered as a gift to our school families. If you have not already signed up for this incredible resource of Christian videos, Bible studies, devotions, etc. please CLICK HERE to set up your account. Many of our teachers will be utilizing this special resource over the next few weeks to access wonderful videos and teachings related to Easter. 

Stay strong in the Lord & stay healthy MVCS!


Love in Christ,


Bob Sladek


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Coronavirus Update #5

Posted 3/18 at 3:30pm


Dear MVCS Families,

We have now moved into our Distance Learning Phase and hope your child has been able to connect at their individual grade levels through Google Classroom. The teachers have been hard at work preparing lessons, videos, and/or projects to ensure a reasonable level of academic progress in preparation for the next school year. While it is impossible to know today exactly how long school will be out, we are sincerely hoping to have school resume as soon as it is safe in order to experience many of the important culminating events of the school year before the summer break.

Internet Safety

When students log in to the internet, they have been routed through the school’s firewall before they enter their Google Classroom. This volume of traffic has caused a great deal of “slowing” due to our current bandwidth (in other words it’s blocking more than it’s helping). For the sake of expediency for all students, we are removing this pass through, which means that many of the school’s standard protections will not be active when your students are online. So, although the school’s internet campus security system will not be active, many of the online security tools will remain in place when your child logs into their Google Classroom account. That said, let me stress that this means your family’s online protections become all the more important as you safeguard your child’s internet activity, especially for our youngest students.

Logging In

Since students are required to log in daily and complete their learning assignments, please let us know if you are having specific difficulties doing so or have not yet been able to log in. I have attached a link below to serve as your guide to the Google Classroom:

Office Hours

For the rest of this week, the school will remain open between 8:30 – 12:00, especially if you need to pick up items such as books, materials, or Chromebooks. A limited number of staff will be on campus each day for assistance as you need it. Our IT Director remains actively engaged, both in terms of supporting teachers and supporting students. Starting next week, the phone will be answered between 8:30 – 12:00, but we are not certain that anyone will be on campus. If you need something at the school, it will be done on an appointment basis.

Community Connections

We have added a Community Connections point to our Facebook page to help families connect and support one another, especially in prayer! If you have not already become a part of this community, please CLICK HERE  and we will accept your request as soon as possible. If you have childcare needs, or you’re able to provide childcare support, this is the place to connect.

As I shared in yesterday’s devotional, God always brings good out of calamity and adversity. I look forward to the ways we can pull together as a community, and to all the stories of Doing Good that will take place while we are apart. In fact, we will have a place on our Community Page for you to share your stories so that we can inspire and encourage each other!

Stay safe & stay strong!

Bob Sladek


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What You Need To Know - Instruction Update #4

Posted 3/16 at 5:00pm

DISTANCE LEARNING - What You Need to Know


In order to effectively prepare students for the next grade level {once the coronavirus passes}, it is vital that we maintain a level of academic instruction and progress now so that we do not have to extend the school year into the summer months. Each grade level will set their own specific distance learning expectations in terms of the daily structure and number of learning hours/requirements to accomplish our learning goals. Parents, your help on the home front is necessary to ensure that your child’s learning experience is a success!


MVCS teachers will continue to deliver daily planned lessons with the same content as they would have on-sight via Google Classroom. Please plan to have your child sign-in daily to accomplish their distance learning plan.



Teachers will enter attendance into FACTS each day. Students will log their attendance by submitting a response to the daily devotional video question. (Criteria for devotional responses to be determined by grade level.)


Direct Instruction     

Each day, teachers will post video lessons, screencasts, and presentations via Google Classroom.

Recommended Tech Resources

“A Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom” -



Students will submit assignments via google classroom. In lower grades (K-2), assignments may be paper/pencil and scored by a parent. The submission of assignments will enable us to generate grades and ensure appropriate academic progress.


Digital Curriculum    

Students will be assigned lessons on digital platforms where teachers can differentiate instruction and track students’ work. (i.e. IXL, Newsela, Nessy)



Students are able to collaborate with each other and the teachers via g-suite apps (google hangouts, google docs, g-mail). The primary means for learning will be project-based, which will provide for the most substantive and engaging work that ensures critical thinking and 21st century skill development.



Teachers will utilize a variety of on-line tools for tests and quizzes.


Teacher Communication  

Teachers will be available daily during school hours (8:00-3:00) via g-suite apps (google hangouts, google docs, g-mail) and will reply immediately to all questions during those hours.


Required Tech Platform

Google Hangouts -


Resource Support   

Mrs. Hunt will be conducting weekly intervention services as determined in students’ SST reports. She will reach out directly to her students to schedule one-to-one video intervention lessons.


Academic Integrity


Academic integrity means demonstrating intellectual honesty and personal truthfulness in student work. Academic integrity means that students represent their own work honestly. Teachers need to see true student work in order to appropriately plan lessons that will advance students’ progress.

Coronavirus Update #3 

Posted 3/15 at 1:45pm

Dear Precious MVCS Families,

Today, Sunday March 15, has been declared a National Day of Prayer. Let’s join together as a school family, on our knees praying for our nation, our state, our community, and each other. 

During this unsettling time where things are rapidly changing, let’s use it as an opportunity to DO GOOD. BE KIND, living our faith and reminding each other what we believe and why we believe it, Together, let’s share God’s message of hope: "I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13.


It warms my heart as I see the outpouring of love and support from our school community – a community that rallies, cares for, and prays for one another. During these next couple of weeks, many families will have needs, particularly with childcare. To help communicate the needs of those within our school family and to share the support that others are able to offer, I want to turn everyone to our school’s MVCS Women’s Fellowship Facebook Page, which we have renamed: MVCS Community. Since a majority of our school moms are members of this page already, we wanted to open it up to anyone who is a part of our school family.

CLICK HERE to join and we will accept your invitation as soon as possible. I have already heard of some high school aged children who can help with childcare in the weeks ahead. Let’s get these opportunities posted on our page so our school families can connect. 

This page is only for encouragement, offers of support, and sharing of needs. Any comments/posts which include any negative comments, politics, or opinions will be removed. Thank you for respecting the spirit in which this page is being offered.




  • The entire MVCS staff will have a professional development day as we prepare the launch plan for each grade level’s distance learning. 
  • Parents and students will receive direct communication from teachers including their daily distance learning schedule and individual classroom expectations. Instructions on how to access and engage with online activities will also be provided. Communication will be a priority!
  • The school office will be open at 8:30 for anyone who needs to get any materials at school or to check out a loaner chromebook.


  • Distance learning begins!
  • School office will be open at 8:30.



  • Remember to check our website regularly for school-wide updates. There is a special link on our homepage for all COVID 19 – MVCS Information and Updates.

Together, we can do this. Our teachers are up to the challenge! They see fresh opportunities to connect with you and your children in different ways. I believe they will shine like the super stars they are. In our attempts to honor God here at MVCS, we hope our journey together through this unchartered territory will reveal our deepest commitment to you and your family.

I find strength in Jesus’ words found in John 14:27 which say, “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” Amen and thank you Jesus!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you are in need of anything at all. I am here to support and serve. Thank you in advance for being with us and for us during this time.


We love you all,


Kari Hollerbach

Assistant Principal

Coronavirus Update #2

Posted 3/13 at 4:50pm

Good Afternoon MVCS Parents,

As stated in my previous email, the announcement of school closures by the SVUSD and/or CUSD school districts would trigger an MVCS school closure. We have just received word that SVUSD is closing and CUSD is going to follow suit. Therefore, starting Monday, March 16 our school will be closed through Friday, March 27 with the possibility of closing for a third week as the situation warrants. This difficult decision is made with genuine prayer, knowing that there is significant impact on those families for whom childcare is an overwhelming challenge.  Let me offer some helpful information in light of this decision:

Distance Learning

Our teacher will use Monday, March 16 for Professional Development in preparation to launch our Distance Learning Plan. Today, we sent students home with materials and/or textbooks in preparation for this possibility. Beginning Tuesday, March 17 we will start online classes. Please be looking for information on Monday from your child’s homeroom teacher regarding the daily learning protocols.

Childcare Support

We are currently looking into possibilities for providing childcare support for those families, especially single mothers, who do not have options. We recommend that you utilize the MVCS Women’s Fellowship Page to express your ability to help and/or your need for help. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to pull together as a school community and support one another as necessary.

Website Updates

As I indicated previously, we will utilize our website to provide regular updates on what is happening at school, the timing of our re-opening, and any other pertinent information while you are away. It is our intention to provide a daily devotional for your children, along with relevant academic projects to maintain student progress while we are apart. We have no intent to lengthen the school year into the summer months.

Chromebooks or Other Materials

The school will remain open for you to come and pick up a loaner Chromebook if you do not have a laptop or sufficient workspace for your child already. Faculty and staff will also be on campus as they implement our Distance Learning Plan. While this is a very different format for learning, we believe this will be very positive in training our students for the future. Distance Learning is a common practice already at the college and university levels.

To be honest, we will miss you and we will miss our students! Yet, we are also excited to see what God will teach us as we move into this new territory. Above all, it is my prayer that we find ways to DO GOOD and BE KIND in a world filled with fear and uncertainty. We know that our God is mighty and He continues to operate on our behalf.  Please be safe and know that you are loved and prayed for by us!

Sincerely in Christ,

Bob Sladek



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For any questions or concerns, please contact:
Bob Sladek, Principal
(949) 465-1950 ext. 294
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Coronavirus Update #1

Posted 3/13/2020 at 10:00am 

Dear MVCS Parents,


We are living in challenging and unprecedented times. With the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), it is important for you to understand the position we are taking at MVCS with regard to a potential school closure. We are relying on two primary sources to help us navigate this process – God’s Word and governing authorities. God’s Word makes clear that “we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” (2 Tim. 1:7)  We are not in panic mode, but rather seeking to be wise and appropriately cautious where the health and well-being of our students and staff are concerned.  We are also listening carefully to all relevant information coming from the CDC, California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and our local agencies.


Triggers for a School Closure

We are not yet closing the school, but it is far more likely than not we will at some imminent point. The triggers for us to close school will be the closure of schools by the SVUSD and/or CUSD, or a known case of the Covid-19 virus in or near our school community. With that in mind, we have been preparing a distance learning plan that will enable students to remain on track academically once a closure occurs. We do not currently intend to lengthen the school year.


School Safety

Because we are a community, it is imperative that we work together to ensure the safety of all our members. No student may attend school who has a fever or other coronavirus-related symptoms - We are continuing to take great precautions through our cleaning procedures and hygiene practices. We are beginning to instruct our students in “social distancing” practices, such as “air hugs” for hugs, etc.  Hopefully, these practices will prove beneficial against forms of flu-type viruses moving forward.


Distance Learning

As we prepare for the likelihood of a school closure, we will be using E-learning platforms from grades 3-8. Junior High students will use their own Chromebooks, and we will distribute Chromebooks on a loaner basis to our 3-6 grade students. K-2 teachers are also preparing academic plans that will be focused primarily on project-based learning in language arts & math.  Teachers will provide you more details as we move forward.


Attendance & Personal Family Decisions

We understand and respect that some families, and especially those whose children may have underlying health conditions, may decide to keep their children out of school prior to an official school closure based upon their own safety concerns. Teachers are prepared to treat this like an extended absence, please communicate directly with your child’s teacher.  No Covid-19-related absences will be counted during this unique period of time. The same will hold true once the school closes.


Website Updates

If and when the school closes, we will provide regular updates for families on our website, The link is currently live and can be accessed through our homepage. This will be an important source of information for your family. The school will remain open to employees to provide a work space for teachers to access their resources, utilize technology, and engage students. We recognize that there will be some challenges and bumps in this new learning format, especially with regard to technology, so our IT Director will remain fully engaged to help us work through these issues.


We are saddened for the disruption and difficulty this will create for many families – you are in our prayers. However, we also hope that this will provide an opportunity to bond as a family and focus on the good things God is doing in the midst of the world’s panic. Let’s remember to DO GOOD and BE KIND during this time.  As always, if you have specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Praying for your family,

Bob Sladek

Main Contact
For any questions or concerns, please contact:
Bob Sladek, Principal
(949) 465-1950 ext. 294
For more information regarding the novel coronavirus, please visit the following websites: