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Ratings and Reviews

We love our Mission Viejo Christian School family, and we hope you love us, too!

Most new families hear about MVCS through referrals and recommendations from current MVCS families, but for families who are new to the area, they often must resort to online research to learn about local schools. We would be incredibly grateful if you would take a few minutes, and rate/review MVCS on some of the most popular resources parents use. (We have provided quick and easy access through the links below.) 

Facebook - You must be a Facebook user to rate us on Facebook. If you are, simply click the link and sign in to rate MVCS and leave feedback. 

Google - Click on the link, the system may automatically link you to the area to leave a review. If not, scroll down and look for the "Review" area in the right column.

Great Schools - Click on the link, then click on the word "Review" in the blue area located at the top of the page.

Private School Review  - Click on the link, then scroll down to near the bottom of the page to leave a review.

Yelp - Click on the link, then click on "Write a Review" shown in red at the top of the page.

Thank you for helping spread the good word about MVCS!