Schoolwide Missions Focus

Our Missions focus this year at MVCS is to honor others above ourselves and share with those who are in need (Romans 12:10-13).  We will put this love into action by bringing mobility to people in developing nations. MVCS is partnering with Free Wheelchair Mission, a humanitarian, faith-based nonprofit organization that provides the transforming gift of mobility to people with a disability living in developing nations as motivated by Jesus Christ. 

The gift of mobility provides more than mobility, it provides hope, freedom, and community. Our goal through April 1, 2022, is to raise enough money for an entire container of wheelchairs that will transform the lives of 510 people and their loved ones.  

If you feel led to donate or share how you can change lives through the gift of mobility, please click the donate button below.

Many of our students are taking ownership of raising money to purchase wheelchairs.  They are sharing stories of hosting lemonade and bake sale stands, completing extra chores, recycling bottles, and cans, and giving portions of earnings from babysitting.

We can't wait to hear continued stories of how our students are creatively raising money to go towards wheelchairs.  Please feel free to share what your child is doing by emailing pictures to

To learn more about Free Wheelchair Mission please click here.