Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Plus Enrichment
MVCS provides students with an innovative, hands-on, 21st century education from a thoroughly Biblical worldview. Through our integrated STEM+ teaching focus, we go beyond traditional education methods and engage students in a technology-rich environment where real-world applications foster innovation, exploration, and imagination. We incorporate project-based learning to bring the classroom to life. Examples of STEM+ opportunities at MVCS are included below and showcased in the photographs. Click on the "STEM+ in ACTION" pdf links at the bottom of the page for a few examples.
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), incorporates engineering concepts
  • Mystery Science Curriculum (correlates with the NGSS)
  • Quarterly STEM Projects 
  • Weather Station
  • New Telescope
  • Upgraded infrastructure, accommodates 400 users simultaneously
  • Chromebooks in all grades
  • 1:1 Student to Chromebook ratio in 5th-8th grades
  • Smart technology in all classrooms, including specialist classes
  • Go Guardian System, empowers teachers to closely monitor the content of what students are viewing online both at school and at home 
  • Google Docs/Google Classroom, encourages collaboration between teachers and students
  • IXL Program, provides additional online practice and analysis across subjects
  • Brain Pop Program, offers animated online learning integrated across all subjects
  • Typing Agent Program, teaches typing through fun, engaging online activities
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), incorporates engineering concepts
  • LEGO Engineering We Do 2.0 and Simple Machine Sets (Kindergarten-3rd grades) 
  • LEGO Engineering Mindstorms Kits EV3 Core Sets (4th-6th grades)
  • Coding emphasized in all grade in the science curriculum
  • Junior High Electives (Bridge-building, Rocketry, Robotics)
  • Gizmos (Grade 5-8), interactive math and science simulations that build deep level of understanding of concepts
  • Additional after school opportunities in coding, LEGOs, and chess
  • Math Curriculum (My Math K-6th grade), promotes project based learning and manipulatives, encouraging students to apply their math knowledge to solve complex problems
  • Sage Hill Invitational (Grades 6-8), a team-based competition that requires students to use what they know in math to solve complicated, real-world problems 
  • Music Program (Grades K-8) and Choir or Instrumental Band Program (Grades 5-8)
  • Additional after school opportunities for enrichment in the arts through musicals, talent show, worship team, and classes for dance, ceramics, and fine arts,