Mission Viejo Christian School

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Lunch: Choice Lunch & PTF Lunch

Choice Lunch Program - Daily

MVCS uses Choice Lunch to supply our students with a wide variety of healthy lunch entrees.

To order, simply click here to view their website. To log in or create an account, our school code is: mvcrusaders.
PTF Lunch - Once A Month
MVCS also offers a special PTF lunch once a month (typically the 3rd Thursday of each month). We offer a single portion serving for $5.25 or a double portion serving for $6.25. 
Email notifications will be sent through the weekly eNews, announcing details regarding the type of lunch and the date. If you are interested in ordering, then all orders must be submitted either through our:
  • MVCS APP - PTF Hot Lunch Tab or  
  • Click here for an online order form  (Next PTF Hot Lunch will be Costco Pizza, May 18, 2017)
If you are not interested in purchasing the PTF lunch, you would need to provide a sack lunch, as Choice Lunch will not be available on this particular day.